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Modern furniture and products, built with a range of materials and functionality, designed and built in the Detroit area.


Production for items are on a first come first serve basis. Lead times can vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on product volume and holidays. If you are in need of a rush order, you can contact the Studio to discuss. Due to each item being made on order, returns are not available unless damaged in shipping, which needs to be addressed upon delivery.

There is a (1) day cancellation/change order window for items ordered online. You must contact the Studio to make these arrangements

All products are constructed from solid hardwoods and metal. Due to temperature and humidity differences on the purchasers end, changes in these materials might happen. The Studio takes all efforts to maintain quality standards to avoid any issues that could occur.

The Studio is adjusting to low-VOC finishes and techniques to help ensure a healthier environment on both ends of the product.

Hardwood grain/color/patterns/sheen vary upon orders and product photos. Products are not stained and left in their natural state. Satin finish and color applications are applied per design and can also vary. Knots in wood are both filled/left open depending on character of the piece and location. The Studio tries to keep the character of the wood with all the little imperfections if they are aesthetically interesting.

The Studio manufactures the items in Michigan and pays Michigan tax on all raw materials. The sales tax on end product is not needed due to already paying the raw material tax. If you are are a reseller, it is your duty to tax/not tax as needed. The DuBois Collection and Studio holds no liability for any taxes once delivered to a reseller. To avoid any confusion/etc, the studio will not entertain tax exempt numbers since it will be too difficult to figure due to bulk raw material costs/etc.